24th International Diatom Symposium (IDS 2016)

21.08 - 26.08.2016  
Quebec City, Canada

The 24th International Diatom Symposium (IDS 2016) will be held from 21-26 August 2016 on the campus of Université Laval, Québec City, Canada.

The organisers of IDS2016 hope to bring together interdisciplinary participation from experts from all fields of research on modern and fossil diatoms (both from marine and freshwater systems), including molecular, physiological, evolutionary, ecological, biogeographic, paleoecological, biomonitoring, systematic/ taxonomic, forensic and other aspects of research on diatoms.

Special session "Diatoms in the paleosciences" plans to introduce various topics of interest to non-specialists in diatoms, who can use the results of diatom research as a tool in a more general taxonomic, ecological and paleoclimatological context.


The Symposium will take place at the Hydro-Quebec auditorium in the modern Alphonse-Desjardins building (Pavillon Alphonse-Desjardins) at Université Laval.


It is now time for the first “Call for abstracts” and to start thinking about your contribution to the symposium program in the form of oral and/or poster presentations! We have a total of 98 slots for oral presentations. At this time, the organizers cannot guarantee all requests for oral presentations, as we do not yet know how many abstracts will be submitted requesting oral slots. We will do all we can to accommodate all requests. However, posters will receive high priority at the symposium and we will have lots of highly visible space for them (see Abstract).

We also would like to point out that we could still accommodate a few additional special sessions. So, if you feel that other topics of diatom research should be covered that are not currently in the program and would like to chair/co-chair and help organize it, then please feel free to contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The official abstract deadline for both oral and poster presentations is 1 May 2016 at 17:00 Eastern Standard Time (EST).


Our post-symposium excursion (26-30 August 2016) is now planned in detail and open for registration. It will allow some 40 IDS attendees to visit major tourist attractions in the beautiful Charlevoix region, Province of Québec. Participation in this excursion is handled on a first come - first served basis and the registration deadline is the 15 April 2016.

Important dates

Early Bird registration: 15 April 2016 17:00 sharp EST (Eastern Standard Time)
Late registration: 1 July 2016 at 5 pm 17:00 sharp EST (Eastern Standard Time)
Post-Symposium excursion registration: 15 April 2016 at 17:00 sharp EST (Eastern Standard Time)
Abstract Submission: The deadline for abstract submission is 1 May 2016 at 17:00 sharp EST (Eastern Standard Time)
No refund is possible after the registration deadline.

Committee members

The members of the Local Organizing Committee are:

Dr Reinhard Pienitz – Université Laval - Quebec City
Dr Dermot Antoniades - Université Laval - Quebec City
Mr Paul Hamilton - Canadian Museum of Nature - Ottawa
Dr Isabelle Lavoie – INRS-ETE - Quebec City
Dr Michel Poulin - Canadian Museum of Nature - Ottawa
Dr Émilie Saulnier-Talbot - Université Laval - Quebec City
Mrs Claudia Zimmermann - Université Laval - Quebec City

The members of the International Scientific Committee are:

Dr Marco Cantonati - Museo delle Scienze (MUSE) - Trento - Italy
Dr Sarah Davies - Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences - Aberystwyth University - UK
Dr Mark Edlund - St. Croix Watershed Research Station - Science Museum of Minnesota - USA
Dr Regine Jahn - Botanischer Garten & Botanisches Museum – FU Berlin - Germany
Dr Peter Kroth - Fachbereich Biologie - Universität Konstanz - Germany
Dr Nora Maidana - Departamento de ciencias biologicas – Universidad de Buenos Aires - Argentina
Dr Shigeki Mayama - Department of Biology - Tokyo Gakugei University - Japan
Dr Marina Potapova - Academy of Natural Sciences - Drexel University - Philadelphia - USA
Dr Michael Reid - School of Behavioural, Cognitive & Social Sci. - University of New England - Australia
Dr Koen Sabbe – Department of Biology - Ghent University - Belgium
Dr Jonathan Taylor - Environmental Sciences & Management - North-West University - South Africa
Dr Xiangdong Yang - Nanjing Institute of Geography and Limnology - China

Further information

For more information, including accommodation options and excursion details, go to the website: