2k Network-wide Teleconference 3.2

Contact person:
Lucien von Gunten, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What: PAGES 2k project coordinators are convening a Network-wide teleconference.

Who: Anyone interested in the PAGES 2k project, especially those who are new to the project and would like to get involved.

Why: The goal of the teleconference is to discuss:
• The organizational structure for a third phase of the PAGES 2k project
• Ideas for new activities, products and goals for phase 3
• The key information for submitting a new working group proposal for phase 3 to the PAGES Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) in October 2016.

Monday 5 September 2016, 8 pm (CET). Your local time here.
Wednesday 7 September 2016, 8 am (CET). Your local time here.

The teleconferences will be held on two days and at different times to encourage participation from both eastern and western hemispheres. Both teleconferences will run for about 60-90 minutes. They will have the same agenda.

How: PAGES IPO will host the teleconference using the online platform Adobe Connect (see below for instructions to connect). The 2k coordinators will summarize the discussion from both days and distribute through the PAGES 2k e-mail list. No prior registration or prior participation in 2k activities are required to join the teleconference.

For background: Please see the latest PAGES 2k Circular here.

Agenda and instructions to join the meeting
Download the Agenda here.