8th World Conference on Ecological Restoration

24.09 - 28.09.2019  
Cape Town, South Africa

The 8th World Conference on Ecological Restoration will be held from 24-28 September 2019 in Cape Town, South Africa.


Century City Conference Centre:


The conference theme for SER2019 is "Restoring Land, Water & Community Resilience".

Inspired in part by the South African experience with Working for Water and related initiatives – which are among the best examples anywhere in the world of integrating ecological, economic, and social goals under one framework – the theme is intended to help keep discussion about developments in restoration research, practice, and policy focused on the big picture. Projects large and small are typically most successful and have the greatest impact when goals are set from a landscape-level perspective and when socioeconomic and cultural dimensions are incorporated from the start. South Africa provides ample opportunity to see and hear inspiring stories of restoration work that combines outcomes for land, water, and community development simultaneously.

Conference sessions will be organized around a number of regionally and globally important sub-themes, and will include symposia, workshops, and open sessions, as well as plenary sessions and a dedicated poster session. One of the principal sub-themes of the program will focus on how ecological restoration can help improve water supply and water security – not only in a severely drought-impacted region like the Western Cape, but in ecosystems and landscapes all over the world as climate change and degradation increasingly threaten water resources.

Mid-week field trips and longer pre- and post-conference field trips will allow you to get out and see some of the restoration activities happening in the region, and of course behold some of South Africa’s world-famous landscapes.

Important dates

22 August 2018: Proposal submission period opens
10 December 2018: Abstract submission period opens
13 January 2019: Extended deadline for proposal submissions
15 March 2019: Early registration opens
12 April 2019: Deadline for abstract submissions
25 May 2019: Final batch of abstract acceptance notices sent
30 June 2019: Deadline for presenter registration

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