Virtual QUIGS-IFG meeting on glacial terminations

10.11 - 12.11.2020  
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Laurie Menviel, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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The Virtual QUIGS-IFG meeting on glacial terminations will be held online on 10 and 12 November 2020.

These dates are for the Sydney, Australia, timezone. See program below for corresponding international times.


Since the PAGES- and INQUA-supported QUIGS workshop on "Glacial Terminations: processes and feedbacks" is postponed to September 2021, QUIGS leaders would like to hold two informal virtual meetings of about three hours each.

Each presentation will be ~10-12 minutes long, followed by a few minutes for questions and discussion.

Timing will be set so as to maximise participation from different time zones, and it is free of charge.


Each session includes three plenary talks, followed by "break out rooms" with several talks each, and a 15 min discussion session to conclude.

Session 1
Tuesday 10 November 09:30-12:15 Sydney (Monday 9 November 17:30-20:15 Montreal, Canada; Monday 9 November 14:30-17:15 Portland, USA)

Schedule (using Sydney times as a guide)
9:30 Welcome and introduction
9:40 Peter Clark, J. Shakun, Y. Rosenthal et al. Changes in Global Temperature and Global Sea Level for the Last 5 Myr
9:55 Matthew Osman, J. Tierney, R. Tardif et al. Globally resolved temperature variability since the Last Glacial Maximum
10:10 Isla Castaneda, T.C. Johnson. Did Termination V Jolt the African Ecosystem?
12:00 Discussion

Breakout 1: Deglacial carbon cycle changes
10:30 Thomas J. Williams, E.E. Martin, N. Umling, A. Starr, E.E. Sikes. Changes in deep Southern Ocean paleocirculation and ventilation across Termination I
10:45 Marilia de Carvalho Campos, C. Chiessi, M. Prange et al. The last glacial-to-interglacial transition in the western tropical South Atlantic and eastern South America
11:00 Juan Muglia, A. Schmittner. Weak Constraints on Atlantic Meridional Overturning Strength from Carbon Isotopes
11:15 Fabrice Lambert, N. Opazo, A. Ridgwell, G. Winckler et al. Regional Patterns and Temporal Evolution of Ocean Iron Fertilization and CO2 Drawdown during the Last Glacial Termination
11:30 Andreas Schmittner. Do Temperature and Iron Fertilization Dominate Glacial-Interglacial CO2 Changes?
11:45 Ning Zeng. Quasi-100 ky glacial-interglacial cycles triggered by subglacial burial carbon release and implications for future carbon-climate feedback

Breakout 2: Deglacial climate and ice-sheet dynamics
10:30 Kaden Martin, C. Buizert, E. Brook et al. Climate dynamics during Heinrich Stadial 1 from high-resolution Greenland CH4 and d15N-N2 records
10:45 Jesse Velay-Vitow, R. Peltier. The role of ice streams in the Bolling-Allerod, Younger Dryas Transition
11:00 Nick Yeung, L. Menviel, K. Meissner, E. Sikes. Assessing the spatial origin of Meltwater Pulse 1A using oxygen-isotope fingerprinting
11:15 Daniel Lowry, N. Golledge, N. Bertler. Environmental controls on deglacial ice sheet retreat in the Ross Sea, Antarctica
11:30 Monica Garity, D. Lund. Carbon isotope evidence for AMOC weakening during deglaciations of the past 140 ka
11:45 Matt Ryan, R. Newnham, G. Dunbar, et al. Vegetation and climate reconstruction from marine cores east and west of South Island, New Zealand, during the past 5 G-I terminations

Session 2
Thursday 12 November 20:00-22:30 Sydney (Thursday 12 November 10:00-12:30 Paris, France)

Schedule (using Sydney times as a guide)
20:00 Welcome and introduction
20:10 Marie-Luise Kapsch, U. Mikolajewicz, F. Ziemen, C. Schannwell. Ice sheet reconstructions crucial for response of ocean circulation in deglacial climate simulations
20:25 William Gray, R. Wills, E. Michel, M. Kageyama. Poleward shift in the Southern Ocean westerlies over the last deglaciation
20:40 Antoine Grisart, A. Landais, et al. High vs low latitude sequences of Terminations from multi-proxy analyses of the EPICA Dome C ice cores
22:15 Discussion

Breakout 1: Deglacial climate and ice-sheet dynamics
21:00 Takashi Obase, A. Abe-Ouchi, F. Saito. Antarctic warmth in the last interglacial driven by Northern insolation and deglaciation
21:15 Peter Koehler, R. S. W. van de Wal. Interglacials of the Quaternary defined by northern hemispheric land ice distribution outside of Greenland
21:30 Yvan Rome, R. Ivanovic, L. Gregoire. Meltwater driven abrupt climate changes in the North Atlantic simulated with reduced winds in a Heinrich Stadial 1 background
21:45 Elisa Ziegler, B. Ellerhoff, C. Wirths et al. Towards characterizing changes in climate variability since the Last Glacial in simulations of conceptual to comprehensive climate models
22:00 Oliver Pollard, V. Cartelle, N. Barlow, L. Gregoire, N. Gomez. Comparing Modelled Extent and Timing of the Eurasian Ice Sheet During Penultimate and Last Glacial Periods

Breakout 2: Deglacial carbon cycle changes
21:00 Bo Liu, K. D. Six, T. Extier, T. Ilyina. Variations of ocean biogeochemistry in a transient deglacial simulation with MPI-ESM
21:15 Consuelo Martinez Fontaine, R. De Pol Holz, G. Siani et al. Ventilation of the Deep Ocean Carbon Reservoir During the Last Deglaciation: Results From the Southeast Pacific
21:30 Karl Stein, A. Timmermann et al. Timing and magnitude of Southern Ocean sea ice/carbon cycle feedbacks
21:45 Aurich Jeltsch-Thommes, F. Joos. Sensitivity of carbon and d13C to idealized forcing mechanisms in factorial simulations over the deglaciation
22:00 Thomas Kleinen, S. Gromov, B. Steil, V. Brovkin. Methane from the LGM to the present: The Natural methane cycle

Breakout 3: Deglacial climate and vegetation dynamics
21:00 Thomas Extier, K. D. Six, B. Liu, T. Ilyina. Representation of land-sea carbon and nutrient exchanges within MPI-ESM during the Last Deglaciation
21:15 Nils Weitzel, M. Adam, K. Rehfeld. Inferring spatio-temporal vegetation and hydroclimate changes during the last deglaciation
21:30 Annika Herbert, J. M. Fitchett. Palaeoclimate dynamics in the Summer Rainfall Zone of South Africa during the Last Termination
21:45 Anne Dallmeyer, U. Herzschuh, T. Kleinen, M. Claussen. Simulated biome changes during the last 25000 years
22:00 Judit Torner, I. Cacho, H. Stoll, A. Moreno, H. Cheng, R.L. Edwards. New absolute age constrains for Terminations IV and III based on western Mediterranean speleothems

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The virtual meeting is free and open to all scientists interested in glacial terminations (within capacity).

If capacity is reached, priority will be given to scientists presenting and directly working on the topic.

Please note that we intend to record the sessions.

If you would like to attend any of the sessions, please register your interest by 31 October, even if you are a speaker:

How to join

The Zoom links are:

Session 1

Main session, discussion, and Breakout 1 (Deglacial carbon cycle changes)

Breakout 2 (Deglacial climate and ice-sheet dynamics):

Session 2

Main session, discussion and Breakout 2 (Deglacial carbon cycle changes):

Breakout 1 (Deglacial climate and ice-sheet dynamics):

Breakout 3 (Deglacial climate and vegetation dynamics):

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