The Changing Arctic and Sub-Arctic Marine Environment: Proxy and Model Based Reconstructions

04.02 - 06.02.2014
Talence, France

A CASE-sponsored conference on Holocene and Pleistocene (Interglacials) paleoceanography of the Arctic and Subarctic ocean realms.

This Open Conference stands as the final event organized within the framework of the “CASE” EU-FP7 Initial Training Network project (, a research and training network on marine biotic indicators of recent climate changes in the high latitudes of the North Atlantic.

The Scientific and Organizing Committees wish, through this event, to extend both the geographical and temporal domains investigated within CASE to the wide Arctic Ocean and surrounding seas and to past Interglacials from the earliest to the latest Pleistocene and Holocene periods.

The programme will be organized according to four session themes that we hope will be stimulating and inspiring for participants from across the paleocean and climate science communities:

- Developing paleoceanographical proxies: qualitative versus quantitative reconstruction

- Interglacial paleoceanography from the northern North Atlantic and Arctic Ocean.

- Ocean-continent linkages during Interglacials.

- The past 2000 years.

This conference format will include both oral presentations and extensive poster sessions. Confirmed keynotes by outstanding speakers will provide overviews related to each session theme.