Climate Change: The Karst Record V (KR5)

02.06 - 05.06.2008
Chongqing, China
Workshop report: 
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After the successful KR meetings in Bergen (1996), Krakow (2000), Montpellier (2003), and Baile Herculane (2006), we would like to bring together again colleagues from all over the world sharing an interest in using cave deposits for paleoclimate and paleoenvironmental reconstructions.

All presentations dealing with speleothem records (chronology, geochemistry, isotopic, paleomagnetic, petrographic, etc.) as well as other cave deposits (detrital, archaeologic, palaeontologic) relevant for climate history, evolution of karst regions and cave systems, as well as present-day cave conditions monitoring in relation with climate are welcomed.

We also welcome presentations on studies of theoretical approaches and models relevant for cave deposits (e.g. speleothem growth models, accumulation rates of cave sediments, etc.), and studies of hydrology, biology, pedology, land use, karst-desertification and GIS applications in karst regions.

Abstract deadline: 1 March 2008

Contact: Hong-Chun Li