International Workshop on Methods in Paleoecology

05.10 - 08.10.2007
La Serena, Chile
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This course serves to impart a high level of first hand knowledge to graduate students working in paleoecology and paleoclimatology from different countries across Latin America.

Topics covered include: Pollen analysis, high-res charcoal records, dendro-chronology and -ecology, rodent midden analysis, stable isotope techniques, new methods in radiocarbon research, molecular paleoecology and ancient DNA.

This workshop is sponsored by PAGES


Our goal is to impart the basic and fundamental principals of paleoecology along five main major lines of research: high resolution pollen and charcoal records, paleoecology of arid regions using rodent middens, dendroecology and dendrochronology, new techniques in radiocarbon dating, and ancient DNA studies.
The course is geared towards graduate level students with some degree of training in paleoecology. The course is limited to 30 students.

Application Requirements

Suitable applicants must send a copy of their curriculum vitae to the conveners before August 30, 2007. Applicants will be selected based upon academic merit, with priority given to those with some proven experience in paleoecology research, demonstrated by either a list of publications or meeting presentations.

Student obligations

Students will be required to attend all course activities. They should to bring a poster of their own work (or thesis proposal) and be prepared to give a short oral presentation (5 slides) incorporating the subjects taught during the course into their talks (one suggestion is to arrive with 3-4 slides already prepared and add 1-2 slides during the workshop).

These presentations should be made available to the conveners as they will uploaded onto the PAGES website as pdf files.