PAGES2k Open Project Meeting

San Francisco, USA
Contact person:
Thorsten Kiefer, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2k-logofinal.jpgThe PAGES2k project will hold an open satellite meeting during the AGU Fall Meeting.

As PAGES2k is now in it's second phase this meeting will be an opportunity to learn about the general project goals and the current status of data collection and analysis. We will also discuss next scientific avenues and issues and strategies related to storing, sharing, and appropriately using paleoclimate data.

The meeting is open to all colleagues interested in contributing to this exciting community effort.


Date/Time: Thu, 18 Dec @ 17:00-19:00
Venue: San Francisco Marriott Marquis; Room: Pacific I
Beverages (water/juice/beer) provided

17:05 Welcome and introduction to PAGES, including PAGES 2k organization (T. Kiefer)

17:10 Scientific motivations for assembling a new database of existing proxy climate records (N. Abram)

17:20 Tour de Table - Participants introduce themselves; opportunity to briefly highlight specific motivation and expectations related to scientific questions and data organization (attendees)

17:35 How we got to where we are and what’s the plan for completing the next steps, including publication outlet and authorship criteria (D. Kaufman)

17:50 NSF perspective on the role and value of synthesis efforts, including community-endorsed data products (C. Major and E. Zanzerkia)

18:00 Database development strategies, including versioning of data products (N. McKay)

18:10 Validation of v.2 of the temperature-sensitive proxy dataset, including first-pass global mean temperature reconstruction (J. Emile-Geay)

18:25 Input from attendees, including additional ideas for science to be addressed, data handling, review of existing datasets and identification of missing records (attendees)

19:00 Adjourn