GV and Sediment Meeting Of Land and Sea: Processes and Products

23.09 - 28.09.2012
Hamburg, Germany

Abstract deadline: 27 April 2012

After another decade of paleoclimate research in the North Atlantic realm in various dedicated programs (IODP, IMAGES, RAPID, EuroCLIMATES etc.) it is very timely to give a forum for the presentation of recent results about past climate variability in the North Atlantic at centennial to decadal times scales for the Plio-Pleistocene and Holocene periods. This session invites contributions on North Atlantic overturning circulation, wind driven surface circulation changes and data-model comparisons as well as on low-to high latitude or interhemispheric teleconnections addressing climate variability at highest resolution possible. We particularly encourage contributions that address impacts of North Atlantic variability on continental climate evolution in Europe, Greenland and the North Americas as well as ocean-cryosphere interactions.