COMPARE 2012: Comparing Ocean Models with Paleo- Archives

18.03 - 21.03.2012
Bremen, Germany
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The workshop will bring together paleoceanographers and climate modelers to carry out the first comparison of existing ocean proxy data with PMIP3 model results, consider new ways of data-model comparison and the feasibility of extending the method to new data.

The main aims are to:

- carry out the first evaluation of the PMIP3 simulations of the past oceans against paleoceanographic data

- achieve progress on treatment of uncertainty in proxy-based reconstructions and in data-model comparisons

- formulate recommendations for best practice in usage and interpretation of proxy data, including a guide of how to use benchmark ocean proxy data for PMIP3

- review the status of data synthesis on LGM deep ocean and ocean circulation and assess its suitability for data-model comparison

- assess the potential of extending the MARGO approach towards new temporal targets

- consider novel ways of comparing data with models and using patterns in model ensembles to guide future paleoceanographic work

Please contact the organizers if you would like to attend.

Post-meeting products

Implication of methodological uncertainties for mid-Holocene sea surface temperature reconstructions (2014), Climate of the Past 10: 2237-2252