Tropical-Extratropical Climatic Teleconnections: A Long-Term Perspective

08.02 - 11.02.2005
Honolulu, Hawaii
Workshop report: 
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This conference will bring together atmospheric scientists, oceanographers, and paleoclimatologists to assess the state-of-the-knowledge of tropical-extratropical climatic teleconnections on interannual to multi-millennial time scales. It should provide modern climate scientists with a better understanding of paleoclimate records and paleoclimatologists with the opportunitiy to place their records in a larger context of climate processes. We are interested in not only understanding what the records of these changes are on multiple time scales, but also in posing reasonable hypotheses that may be used to explain the observed connections. These hypotheses may serve as a basis for organizing future research in this area.

Proposals for 20-minute presentations or posters are welcome on the following topics:
- Ocean Dynamics and Thermohaline Circulation
- Mid-Latitude Circulation
- Tropical Climate
- Monsoon Dynamics