First joint HITE-POLLANDCAL Conference

13.11 - 14.11.2005
Umea, Sweden

The conference will focus on Holocene human impact on terrestrial ecosystems on short to long time scales, and look at human interactions with climate, i.e. research relevant to the goals of the IGBP-Pages Focus 5, activity HITE (Human Impact on Terrestrial Ecosystems). Because land-cover changes is one of the important aspects of HITE-related research, the conference will include a special session on the recent efforts in pollen calibration and quantitative reconstruction of past land-cover conducted within the POLLANDCAL (POLlen-LANDscape CALibration) NordForsk (Nordic Research Board) network.

Day 1: (24th October) HITE topics, i.e. Human impact on terrestrial ecosystems on long-term to short term time scales.

Day 2: (25th October) Reconstruction of past land-cover change: methods, results and applications, i.e. presentation (lectures) of the POLLANDCAL achievements and other contributions related to pollen calibration and quantitative land-cover reconstruction.