Past record of ancient hurricanes

25.09 - 28.09.2006
LaFayette, USA
Contact person:
Prof. Suzanne Leroy , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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IGCP 490 in 2006: The past record of ancient hurricanes

Venue: Lafayette, Louisiana

Dates: meeting 25-27 Sept. 2006, field trip: just before and afterwards Formal meeting

This year the IGCP490 has organized a one day session (oral and poster) fully integrated into the annual meeting of the Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies (GCAGS). This will be a joint meeting with PAGES. The key note speaker is Prof. Kam-Biu Liu (LSE), a specialist of palaeotempestology.

Fieldtrips for IGCP490

One one-day fieldtrip has been organized by Prof. H. Roberts (Louisiana State University). Coring from a boat in the delta and Wax Lake. It will give us first hand access to sediment laid down by the last hurricanes, including Katrina in 2005.

One-day field trip 'Hurricane Katrina - What Happened?', organized by Prof. S. A. Nelson (Tulane University), in New Orleans City itself.

Sign up early as numbers are capped for both trips. Watch the website of GCAGS.

Business meeting: IGCP490 will also organize a formal board meeting during the GCAGS conference.

Travel grants:

Some partial travel grants are offered for candidates who are young scientists working in the field of palaeotempestology


  • submit an abstract now to be approved by S. Leroy (500 words) in the theme of "Hurricanes now and in the geological record and their impact on societies" or linked to the theme of IGCP 490.

  • you need to be present during the whole duration of the conference

  • attend the IGCP 490 business meeting that will take place during the conference, if funded by IGCP.

  • if you have not received your PhD yet, a letter from your supervisor giving the state of progress of your research and the topic of your PhD.

  • provide a brief CV

What you may receive: -

  • waived fees if registration before the first deadline of 31 Aug. (value of 95 USD)

  • up to a maximum of 500 USD for travel and accomodation (to be received in Lafayette against receipts)

  • attendance to the Wax Lake fieldtrip, no 2 (value of 150 USD)


Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details

Registration: through GCAGS


Registration: On-line, begins July 15, 2006; deadline August 31, 2006:

GCAGS/GCPE Professionals $150

Spouse/guest $ 40

Students $ 20

Seniors (>65 yr) & Academia (full-time) $ 95