RAPID Climate Change International Conference / PAGES/CLIVAR 8.2kyr event workshop

Birmingham, UK
Workshop report: 
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This conference seeks to bring together the international community of scientists carrying out oceanographic observations, paleo studies and ocean and coupled climate modeling in order to discuss recent research findings and to identify outstanding problems and ways forward in the science of rapid climate change. The main but not exclusive focus will be on the role of the thermohaline circulation (THC) in such change.

The topics of interest include:
- present day observations of the strength and structure of the Atlantic THC
- paleo data (ice, land, ocean) on past rapid climate changes
- modeling of past and possible future rapid climate change
- understanding of processes controlling the strength of THC
- testing models using present day and paleo observations
- impacts of rapid THC change on climate and weather
- probability of rapid climate changing occurring
- impacts of rapid climate change on society

In addition, a workshop on the 8.2 ka event is being organized in conjunction with the PAGES/CLIVAR working group.

This conference is organized under the auspices of the UK Natural Environment Research Council's Rapid Climate Change program (RAPID), and in cooperation with NWO, RCN, NSF, NOAA, CLIVAR and the CLIVAR/PAGES working group, and with the Cape Farewell project.

Abstract deadline 15 July 2006.