UK IGBP Palaeo and Modern Perspectives on Global Change

London, UK
Workshop report: 
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Organised by Professor Sandy P. Harrison and Professor Rick Battarbee on behalf of the UK IGBP, with financial support from the Royal Society.

The Palaeo and Modern Perspectives on Global Change open meeting aims to examine the key challenges posed by the palaeo-record from the perspective of each of the IGBP projects and to build a dialogue between these projects and the PAGES community to ensure that these challenges are addressed in a realistic way.


* To inform the UK science community of the major challenges to our understanding of the medium and long-term dynamics of key aspects of the earth system as currently perceived by the IGBP community
* To inform the UK science community about the availability of resources (e.g. process studies, data syntheses, modeling tools) for tackling such challenges over the next 5-10 years
* To strengthen the links between the IGBP projects at a critical phase in the planning and implementation of new projects, including their link with the ESSP integrated projects on water, food, carbon and human health
* To explore differences in perspective and in our understanding of key aspects of the earth system that stem from the timescale at which these phenomena are studied
* To explore approaches based on analysis of observations at different time and space scales and on the use of modeling tools
* To develop ideas for improving the integration of palaeo-studies within the other core IGBP projects and to provide feedback to the international IGBP on how to do this