Climate Change: From the geological past to the uncertain future - A tribute to André Berger

26.05 - 29.05.2008
Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
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This workshop will provide a synthesis of our current understanding of climate dynamics on astronomical timescales and attempt to outline the related current challenges by focusing on the following questions: What are the mechanisms of glacial-interglacial cycles? Can we tune theoretical models on the paleoclimate records to extract quantitative information on the slow dynamics of climate? Can we actually predict climate on long time scales? If yes, when will the next glacial inception occur? What are the long-term consequences of past and future greenhouse gas emissions?

The workshop is also a tribute to the exceptional contribution of André Berger in this field. André Berger retires this year after more than 35 years service in teaching and providing world-class research and expertise on the slow dynamics of climates.

The workshop is organised around 6 sessions, focusing on data, theoretical models (conceptual to GCMs) and specific mechanisms (ice-sheet dynamics, biogeochemical cycles, land-surface feedbacks and ocean dynamics).

Travel grant deadline: 31 December 2007

Abstract deadline: 31 March 2008

Registration/Application deadline: 31 January 2008

Contact: Michel Crucifix

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