Open LUCIFS Workshop "Compiling Records of Holocene Erosion and Sediment Transport"

06.12 - 10.12.2008
Christchurch, New Zealand
Workshop report: 
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LUCIFS is located within PAGES Focus 4, and is concerned with understanding past interactions between climate, environment, and human activity. Of particular relevance are aspects of sediment redistribution systems such as non-linear behaviour, the role of system configuration, scale effects, and emergent properties.

This workshop will provide a stimulating working environment for discussion of a topical field in geomorphology: evaluating the geomorphic impact of humans on landscapes, with a strong emphasis on geomorphological and sedimentological perspectives on mid- to long-term man-landscape interactions.

The workshop programme is designed specifically to summarise existing knowledge of human influences on Holocene sediment fluxes. The overriding workshop objective is the compilation of information that will contribute to a state-of-the-art publication that will:

- summarise the extent to which we are currently able to comment on the influence of anthropogenic transformation on fluvial sediment flux, and

- put the case for why understanding these transformations in the context of geomorphic systems is useful and valid for landscape management (incl. responses to and anticipation of effects of climate change).

Workshop participants are invited to submit abstracts of papers that either summarise or address aspects of anthropogenic influence on sedimentary systems in their countries or research areas. Please send expressions of intention to participate and, if you wish to make an oral or poster presentation, a title and brief abstract to Nick Preston
(click on name below) by 31 August 2008.

Abstract deadline: 31 August 2008

Contact: Nick Preston