PhenoALP meeting: Climate change, phenology and ecosystem processes: from Alps to Globe

12.10 - 14.10.2011
Aosta Valley, Italy
Contact person:
Edoardo Cremonese, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Registration deadline: 30 June 2011 (early rate)

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The meeting will be held over three days:

- The first day will be dedicated to the workshop Climate change, phenology and ecosystem processes: from Alps to Globe dedicated to researchers, post-docs, PhD and graduate students interested in a broad overview about relationship between phenology and climate, new insights from continental-scale phenological monitoring networks and relationship between phenology and ecosystem processes in the alpine environment. Lectures will be given by scientists who have made important contribution to phenology and carbon modeling, leading to significant progress in these fields: Annette Menzel, Technische Universität München, Andrew D. Richardson, Harvard University and Georg Wohlfahrt, Innsbruck University.

- The second day is focused on the presentation of the main results of the PhenoALP Project and on a discussion group on sensor-based phenological monitoring.

- Field trip to PhenoALP carbon fluxes and phenology monitoring sites in Torgnon alpine grassland and larch forest will be held the third day.