Continental drilling in the East African Rift: Strategic planning workshop

14.11 - 16.11.2011
Providence, USA
Contact person:
James Russell, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Workshop report: 
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The East African rift lakes contain an unparalleled record of climatic and environmental history spanning tens of degrees of latitude and millions of years with resolution and continuity comparable to deep-sea sediments and ice cores.

This PAGES workshop organized for paleoclimatologists, rift basin geologists, anthropologists, climate modelers, and paleoceanographers aims to develop a strategic plan for drilling activities in East Africas rift lakes. Presentations and discussions will define the state-of-the- art knowledge of Pleistocene African climate history, top scientific priorities for future scientific drilling efforts, and the intersections of these with ongoing programs. The objectives are to prioritize scientific goals of the community, and link these goals to specific drilling targets within a cost/benefit framework that complements ongoing initiatives.

Immediate outcomes will include short workshop reports for publication in PAGES News and EOS transactions, and an expanded version of this report outlining a strategic plan for future drilling activities in the East African rift lakes.

Attendance is limited to 45 participants, so please contact the organizers if you would like to attend.