Environmental Archaeology of Urban Sites

05.09 - 10.09.2011
Gdansk, Poland
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Abstract deadline: 31 May 2011Registration deadline: 1 June 2011 (early rate)

Urban archaeological sites are important archives for different kinds of environmental data describing living conditions in the past as well as the different use of plants and animals by ancient societies. They are distinct in several specific features which determine not only a range of scientific problems that may be investigated but also clearly defined methodological problems. Topics based on archaeobotany, archaeozoology, dendrochronology, anthropology, geoarchaeology and other disciplines related to urban sites are expected. Special attention will be paid to examples of multidisciplinary approaches successfully integrating the results of different environmental analyses and archaeological data. The Conference will be an occasion to present and discuss all aspects of scientific co-operation related to the environmental archaeology of urban sites, stimulating further development in this field. The organizers cordially welcome you to Gdansk.