MedCLIVAR Final Conference: Mediterranean Climate - From Past to Future

06.06 - 09.06.2011
Lecce, Italy
Contact person:
Anne Blondeel, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

MedCLIVAR (Mediterranean Climate Variability and Predictability - is an international programme, sponsored by the European Science Foundation and endorsed by CLIVAR, which aims at coordinating and promoting the study of the Mediterranean climate. The peculiar geographical location and the topographical features of the Mediterranean area makes it a region which is very sensible to global climate change. The vulnerability of Mediterranean environment and societies requires a consolidated knowledge of climate processes and evolution at regional scale.

The main goals of MedCLIVAR include reconstruction of Mediterranean climate past evolution, description of patterns and mechanisms characterizing its space-time variability, understanding of regional climate dynamics and identification of the forcing responsible for observed and future changes. The networking activities of MedCLIVAR put together expertise in different research sectors and create a forum where to interchange the results and facilitate synergy.

Objectives of the conference are:

-to discuss the “state of the art” on the Mediterranean climate and analyze its variability and trends-to present the available knowledge on future climate change at regional scale: -to provide a basis for the analysis of climate change impacts on Mediterranean environment and societies: -to offer a forum for presenting and discussing results of international and national research projects: -to identify research hotspots and critical issues: -to bring together experts from complementary fields of climate research and favor exchange of information among them: -to discuss future targets of climate research in the Mediterranean region.