IODP Workshop on Scientific Drilling in the Indian Ocean

17.10 - 18.10.2011
Goa, India
Contact person:
Neville Exon, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The workshop will be hosted by India, and is jointly planned by India and ANZIC. Many key participants have agreed they will come, but other scientists with ideas on potential Indian Ocean scientific ocean drilling are encouraged to consider applying to attend. Numbers will be limited. The aim is to further develop existing proposals and start work on new proposals, which could be considered for drilling from late 2013, assuming that JOIDES Resolution will go into the Indian Ocean at the beginning of the next phase of IODP. The latest plans have the JOIDES Resolution program for the present phase of IODP ending in the Sea of Japan in late 2013.

Because there has been no scientific ocean drilling in the Indian Ocean for nearly a decade, this workshop is vital in building the international scientific alliances that can lead to further strong proposals. Also, India itself has only joined IODP recently and such a workshop will provide wide exposure of the Indian science community to IODP science and IODP capability, leading to better understanding and new IODP proposals.

Download the workshop program for information on the themes, draft program and to apply to participate.

*Note that the 7th International Conference on Asian Marine Geology, which has an IODP session, is taking place in Goa in the previous week, should you wish to attend that meeting.