Use of paleo-climate simulations and data to constrain future projections

01.03 - 03.03.2012
Hawaii, USA
Contact person:
Gavin Schmidt, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For the first time, coordination between PMIP/PAGES and WGCM/CLIVAR has lead to a joint database of paleo-climate, historical and future simulations using the same models, same protocols and same diagnostics (PMIP3/CMIP5). This allows for a greatly enhanced possibility of using model-data comparisons from paleo-climate to weight or constrain model projections for the future, using the out-of-sample nature of paleo-climate changes (specifically, during the last glacial maximum, the last millennium and the mid-Holocene). This workshop should be a great opportunity to bring together paleo specialists, modellers, modern observations and statistical analysts to maximise the utility of these comparisons in time for the next IPCC report (due 2013).

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