SLALOM2012 - Sea-Level and Adjustment of the Land Observations and Models

19.03 - 22.03.2012
Athens, Greece

Abstract deadline: 15 jan 2012

With the IPCC AR5 report preparation well underway, sea level rise, glacial isostatic adjustment and ice mass balance are very much at the forefront of scientific interest.

The aims and objectives of SLALOM2012 are listed below:

- Glacial Isostatic Adjustment (GIA) - Conveners: Kurt Lambeck & Pippa Whitehouse

- Sea-level Indicators - Conveners: Paolo Pirazzoli & Christophe Morhange

- Post LGM ice sheet - Conveners: Philippe Huybrechts & Roderik van de Wal

- Sea-level reconstructions - Conveners: Paolo Stocchi & Antony Long

- Space geodetic observations of ice mass balance - Conveners: Matt King & Abbas Khan