PALSEA Phase 5: ice sheet, climate interaction - past and future

04.06 - 08.06.2012
Madison, USA
Contact person:
Anders Carlson, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Workshop report: 
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This workshop will be the culmination and synthesis of 5 years of PALSEA workshops - Phase 5: ice sheet, climate interaction - past and future. This last workshop for PALSEA 1 will build on and synthesize the work of all the previous workshops and PALSEA activities. We have already considered how paleo data can be used to understand isostatic effects and reconstruct past ice sheets. We now intend to place this understanding into the broader climate context. Ice sheets both modifiy and are affected by climate change. By looking at these interactions in the past (the Pliocene, the Last Interglacial, the end of the last glacial period and the last 2000 years) we will put together a consistent picture of these interactions using both models and data. We intend to discuss projections of future ice sheet change based on these insights, including the validation of models currently used for projection against paleo data. In this way we will consolidate the gains in understanding we have from the last four meetings.

This is a group workshop of the PAGES PALSEA Working Group but is open to interested particpants. Please contact the organizer if you would like to attend.