24.10 - 26.10.2018  
Vancouver, Canada
Contact person:
Karen Kohfeld, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The PAGES working group Cycles of Sea Ice Dynamics in the Earth System (C-SIDE) will hold their first workshop, titled "Developing Data and Modeling Capacity to Understand Past Changes in Sea Ice in the Southern Ocean" from 24-26 October 2018 in Vancouver, Canada.


This is a semi-open (limited number of spaces) workshop for approximately 35 participants.

This represents the first of three workshops to be held in the first three-year working group cycle. We are will provide opportunities for smaller sub-groups to assemble at the IUGG congress in Montreal, Canada in July 2019, and then have scheduled Workshop 2 (2019) to occur just prior to the International Conference on Paleoceanography (ICP) meeting (1-6 September 2019) in Sydney, Australia. A third workshop will occur in 2020 (location to be decided).


Southern Ocean sea ice plays important roles within the Earth system, affecting nutrient cycling, ocean productivity, air-sea gas exchange, deep-water formation, and ocean heat transport. As Southern Ocean sea ice cover is currently changing and will continue to change in future, it is important for our climate models to accurately simulate sea ice and its effects on the climate system. However, climate models currently produce large differences in sea-ice formation – and responses to that formation - for both past and present climates (e.g. Roche et al. 2012; Marzocchi and Jansen 2017).

These differences have profound implications regarding the ability of models to project future responses to sea ice change.  Reconstructions of sea-ice cover during past climate periods can aid in our understanding of the Earth system and serve as a valuable benchmark for our climate models.  However, our understanding of past sea ice conditions in the Southern Ocean is currently limited to a handful of locations.

The goal of this workshop is to bring together an international team of oceanographers, Earth system modelers, micropaleontologists, and geochemists who share expertise in sea ice reconstruction, to assemble a hemispheric reconstruction of transient changes in sea-ice extent for the last full glacial cycle (130,000 years). We have invited several outstanding early career researchers (PhDs received in last five years), and researchers from developing and BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa).


This community aims to:
1. assemble existing records of sea ice proxies in the Southern Ocean;
2. coordinate taxonomic and statistical approaches between regions;
3. develop regional reconstructions of sea-ice dynamics;
4. compare these reconstructions with other regional reconstructions of environmental conditions (e.g. temperature, circulation, marine productivity, and ice core proxies of sea ice change); and
5. compare these sea ice reconstructions with model simulations of sea ice cover the full glacial-interglacial cycle.

This workshop will initiate development of the first global database of Southern Ocean sea ice behavior for the past 130,000 years, establish a network of climate model simulations spanning the same time period, and provide the groundwork for the publication of a special issue presenting these results.

A major goal of our first workshop is to establish the database template and archiving protocol as a firm basis for the development of the datasets to be put together by regional groups.

Key speakers/participants

- Helen Bostock, Marine Geologist, National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, New Zealand
- Xavier Crosta, Senior research scientist, University of Bordeaux, France
- Karen Kohfeld, Professor, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada
- Amy Leventer, Professor, Colgate University, Hamilton, NY, USA
- Katrin Meissner, Director and Associate Professor, Climate Change Research Centre, UNSW, Australia
- Claire Allen, British Antarctic Survey, UK
- Leanne Armand, Associate Professor, Macquarie University, Australia
- Oliver Esper, Senior Research Scientist, Alfred-Wegener-Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Germany
- Sam Jaccard, Professor, University of Bern, Switzerland
- Carina Lange, Professor, Departamento de Oceanografía,Universidad de Concepcion, Chile
- Alice Marzocchi, Research Scientist, University of Southampton, UK
- Laurie Menviel, ARC DECRA fellow, Climate Change Research Centre, UNSW, Australia
- Juliane Müller, Helmholtz Young Investigator Research Group PALICE, Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany
- Molly Patterson, Assistant Professor, Binghamton University, NY, USA
- Joe Prebble, Scientist, GNS Science I Te Pῡ Ao, New Zealand
- Christina Reisselman, Assistant Professor, University of Otago, New Zealand
- Andres Rigual-Hernández, University of Salamanca, Spain
- Louise Sime, British Antarctic Survey, UK
- Wenshen Xiao, Tongji University, Shanghai, China
- Jacob Jones, Masters Student, Simon Fraser University, Canada
- Rebecca Minzoni, Assistant Professor, University of Alabama, USA
- Michael Eby, Research Associate, Earth and Ocean Sciences, University of Victoria, Victoria, Canada

Registration and abstracts

Details and deadlines will be provided as soon as possible.

Further information

Contact workshop organizer Karen Kohfeld: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.