Goldschmidt 2021

04.07 - 09.07.2021  
Lyon, France, and online
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The Goldschmidt 2021 Conference will be held in Lyon, France, and online from 4-9 July 2021.


Lyon Congress Centre and online.


The Organizing Committee has decided that Goldschmidt 2021 will be in a hybrid format, combining an onsite meeting for delegates who can travel, with an online meeting for those who cannot, while aiming to promote as much interaction as possible between the two types of delegates.

Goldschmidt is the foremost annual, international conference on geochemistry and related subjects, organized by the Geochemical Society and the European Association of Geochemistry.


Theme 1: Solar System and Planets
Theme 2: Mantle and Core
Theme 3: Earth's Lithosphere through Time: from Hadean to Modern
Theme 4: Present-day Crustal Processes, from Formation to Destruction
Theme 5: Magmatism and Volcanism
Theme 6: Nano to Microscale Processes
Theme 7: Energy and Resources
Theme 8: Co-Evolution of Life and Environments
Theme 9: Earth Surface Processes from Weathering to Climate Change
Theme 10: Geobiology: Life in Geological Processes
Theme 11: Metals and Nutrients in Terrestrial and Freshwater Systems
Theme 12: Environmental Geochemistry and Human Health
Theme 13: Chemistry of the Oceans and Atmosphere: now and through time
Theme 14: Geochemistry in the classroom and society: past, present and future of the field

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