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NW Pacific Ocean Field Trip, 2001.

The goal of the Ocean2k Working Group was to place marine climate changes of the past century within the context of the previous two millennia.

The group had a distributed leadership, designed to encourage transparency, inclusion, respect, communication, constructive debate and consensus-guided decision-making (see also Mike Evans' 2015 Future Earth Blog). 

Phase 2 planning began in early 2015 with a renewed call for participation, review of the metadatabases, and renewed synthesis and analysis activities. In support of the transition to Phase 2, the Phase 1 leadership team proposed the 1st Ocean2k in-person workshop to organize and begin Phase 2 objectives. The 1st Ocean2k Workshop was held in Barcelona, Spain, from 6-10 October 2015. Three community-wide themes and several sub-themes emerged from the workshop and were the foci for Ocean2k Phase 2.

The community-wide themes were 1) metadatabase modernization, 2) quantifying and reducing marine record age model uncertainties, and 3) understanding patterns of global ocean δ18O.

Sub-themes were 1) exploring past 2k changes in ENSO teleconnections, 2) spatio-temporal AMOC dynamics; North Atlantic influences on the Mediterranean climate, and 3) the oceanic response to volcanic forcing in proxy and model reconstructions. See the Projects page for more details on these activities.

Phase 1 activities included compilation and synthesis of publicly available, peer-reviewed paleoclimate data, analysis of climate simulations, interpretation of climate processes, and uncertainty analysis (see Tierney et al. 2015 Paleoceanography; McGregor et al. 2015 Nature Geoscience and related Ocean 2k Frequently Asked Questions).

Previous news

Published: 26 April 2016

Phase 2 of the PAGES/Ocean2k project

Following the workshop, Ocean2k members began modernising the Ocean2k SST metadatabase by migrating the Ocean2k Phase 1 datasets to the LiPD paleoclimate data framework, in turn contributing to the Global 2k Open-Access Proxy Climate Database project. In addition, efforts in conjunction with the Iso2k group are adding marine δ18O records to the metadatabase. The metadatabase updates will underpin the Ocean2k Phase 2 age model and ocean δ18O themes, and the sub-themes.

Ocean2k 2015 outreach event video highlights available

Video highlights (5 minutes) of the Ocean2k 2015 outreach event “El clima desde hace 2015 años y mirando al tercer milenio / Climate over the past 2015 years and looking forward to the third millennium” are available here.

The outreach event was held during the 1st Ocean2k Workshop, Barcelona, Spain, 8-10 October 2015. Over 100 high school students attended the event, held in cooperation, interest and engagement with the CosmoCaixa, Natural Science Museum (http://obrasocial.lacaixa.es/nuestroscentros/cosmocaixabarcelona/elmuseo_es.html), the Barcelona City Council Project Life (http://w41.bcn.cat/en/) and the Barcelona Bicing Program (https://www.bicing.cat/es/).

The event was chaired by Belen Martrat (Ocean2k co-lead), and included presentations from Helen McGregor (Ocean2k overall lead) and Nerilie Abram (Ocean2k LR database manager).  

The event website and recordings of the presentations (from 10 min to 20 min each) can be found here or go directly to these PAGES YouTube videos:

Mariano Barriendos Ocean2k Outreach presentation - The Little Ice Age, implications for European societies?

Helen McGregor Ocean2k Outreach presentation - Ocean trends over the past 2000 years

Ramon Pruneda Ocean2k Outreach presentation - Are we ready to move differently?

Joan Ballester/Virginie Guemas Ocean2k Outreach presentation - Are we ready for hot and cold extremes?

Nerilie Abram Ocean2k Outreach presentation - Terrestrial trends, including ice sheets