INQUA-PAGES ECR workshop: Impacts of sea-level rise from past to present (iSLR)

26.08 - 29.08.2018  
Utrecht, The Netherlands
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INQUA and PAGES will conduct a four-day conference for early-career researchers, titled "Impacts of sea-level rise from past to present (iSLR18)", in Utrecht, The Netherlands, from 26-29 August 2018.


Utrecht University, campus 'De Uithof'


For this conference, the definition of an early-career researcher (ECR) is those who have obtained or expect to obtain their PhD in 2010 or later.

The workshop will be limited to 75 participants. The selection procedure will be based on the quality of the abstract (250 words max.), topic of the participant's research, a brief CV (one page) and a short statement of motivation why the participant wants to attend (100 words max.).


The conference aims to facilitate scientific exchange between ECRs from a broad range of disciplines working with sea-level change.

The conference will include two days of oral and poster presentations by ECRs, invited keynote lectures, a one-day field trip to the Rhine delta and Holland coastal plain with conference dinner, and a public 'Science and Society' evening session.


Sunday 26 August

17.00-20.30: Registration & Icebreaker at Botanic Gardens (Sponsored by TNO – Geological Survey of the Netherlands)

Monday 27 August

8.30-9.00: Registration & coffee (Victor J. Koningsberger building – Utrecht University)
9.00-9.30: Opening session
9.30-10.40: Session 1: Past Sea-Level Changes
Chair Robert Barnett (University of Exeter), Co-chair Francis Nixon, Rapporteur Christine Hamilton (Sponsored by NESSC (Netherlands Earth System Science Centre))
Keynote (30 min): Roland Gehrels "Salt marshes are palaeotide gauges"
Talk 1 (20 min): Amila Sandaruwan Ratnayake "Mid to late Holocene Sea-Level Changes in Southwest Coast of Sri Lanka"
Talk 2 (20 min): Rachael Lem "Sea-level changes in the Gulf of Guinea over the past 150,000 years: combined palynological and sedimentological evidence"
10.40-11.00: Coffee Break
ECR Keynote (30 min): Nicole Khan "Local to Global Drivers of Past and Future Sea-Level Change"
Talk 3 (20 min): Geoffrey Richards "Exploiting new Holocene sea-level archives to inform future sea-level predictions: an example from Wales"
Talk 4 (20 min): Maryam Yousefi "The contribution of glacial isostatic adjustment to past and future sea-level change along the west coast of North America"
Talk 5 (20 min): Ksenia Poleshchuk "Sea level changes in Dunderbukta (west Svalbard) based on diatom analysis"
12.30-14.00: Lunch & Posters (all sessions)
13.45-14.00: PALSEA presentation: Alessio Rovere "Introduction of the third phase of PALSEA – PALeo constraints on SEA level rise (PAGES-INQUA)"
14.00-15.10: Session 2: Recent and Future Sea-Level Changes
Chair Aimee Slangen (NIOZ), Co-chairs/Rapporteurs Fabio Mangini, Tim Hermans (Sponsored by NESSC (Netherlands Earth System Science Centre))
Keynote (30 min): Marta Marcos "20th century sea-level change (models and observations), contributions to sea-level change, future projections (21st century and beyond)
Talk 1 (20 min): Breylla Campos Carvalho "Vulnerability to coastal erosion and inundation of oceanic beaches from southern Rio de Janeiro coastline (SE Brazil)"
Talk 2 (20 min): David Parkes "A new contribution to 20th-century GMSLR from missing and disappeared glaciers"
15.10-15.30: Coffee Break
ECR Keynote (30 min): Roelof Rietbroek "Unravelling the present day sea level budget with geodetic datasets"
Talk 3 (20 min): Molly Keogh "Measuring rates of present-day relative sea-level rise in low-elevation coastal zones: A critical evaluation"
Talk 4 (20 min): Jyoti Jadhav "Multidecadal Weakening of Indian Summer Monsoon Circulation Induces an Increasing Northern Indian Ocean Sea Level"
Talk 5 (20 min): Andra Garner "The Impact of Climate Change on New York City’s Coastal Flood Hazard:  Increasing Flood Heights from the Pre-Industrial to 2300 CE"
19.00-22.00: Public Event at Uithof Ruppert Blauw Building

Tuesday 28 August

8.30-18.00: Field Excursion (Sponsored by Faculty of Geosciences – Utrecht University)
18.00-20.30: Conference Dinner (Sponsored by Climate Institute – TU Delft)

Wednesday 29 August

8.30-9.00: Coffee, Victor J. Koningsberger building – Utrecht University
9.00-10.10: Session 3: Mitigation, Adaptation and Coastal Impacts
Chair Kay Koster (TNO), Co-chair Alejandra Rodríguez Enríquez, Rapporteur Anna Wedin (Sponsored by Deltares)
Keynote (30 min): Carles Ibañez "From the Pleistocene to the Anthropocene marine transgression of deltas: can we learn from the past to adapt to the future?"
Talk 1 (20 min): Marlon França "Mangrove dynamics on the Delta of the Doce River during the Holocene according to sea-level fluctuations: A multi-proxy model"
Talk 2 (20 min): Erwin Lambert "The impact of changing wave setup on future extreme sea levels"
10.10-10.30: Coffee Break
ECR Keynote (30 min): Sanne Muis "Global modeling of storm surges and extreme sea levels"
Talk 3 (20 min): Yoann Poher "Impacts of sea-level rise and responses of Mediterranean coastal wetland biodiversity: lessons from fossil insect assemblages"
Talk 4 (20 min): Lisa-Michéle Bott "Collective adaptation strategies towards floods and subsidence in Central Java, Indonesia"
Talk 5 (20 min): Philip Minderhoud "The truth sinks in: relative sea level rise of the Mekong delta dominated by subsidence"
12.00-14.00: Lunch & Posters (all sessions)
14.00-15.20: Session 4: Submerged Landscapes
Chair Eduardo Alarcon (ITC), Co-chair Renée de Bruijn , Rapporteur Livio Ronchi
Keynote (30 min): Fraser Sturt "Submerged landscapes: global perspectives and opportunities"
ECR Keynote (30 min): Claire Mellet "Beyond Doggerland: Submerged landscapes of the southern North Sea"
Talk 1 (20 min): Onema Adojoh "Deltaic shift and vegetation response to sea level change during the Late Quaternary: Future concern for the Coastal Margin of the Niger Delta"
15.20-15.40: Coffee Break
Talk 2 (20 min): Elena Steponaitis "An Early Holocene Relative Sea-Level Record from the Mississippi Delta"
Talk 3 (20 min): Anton Hansson "A submerged landscape in the Hanö Bay, Baltic Sea"
16.20-17.00: Closing session


Abstract submission and grant request: *NEW DEADLINE TUESDAY 1 MAY 00:00 (UTC +1)*
Decision on abstracts and grants: Thursday 10 May.
Registration opens: Friday 11 May.
Registration deadline (via Utrecht University event registration service, TBA): Friday 25 May 00:00 (UTC+1).


Registration opens 11 May and closes 25 May 2018.

Conference fees

Conference and hostel shared-room accommodation: 250 EUR
Conference only (book own accommodation): 170 EUR

Conference fees includes the conference and field trip, coffee breaks, lunches, ice-breaker, public event and conference dinner on Tuesday.

Financial support

A limited number of grants will be available to support travel and/or conference fees. At abstract submission, participants are asked to indicate whether they require support. The outcome of the grant selection will be communicated to participants by 30 March 2018.

The maximum amount of support for travel is 150 EUR within Europe and 750 EUR outside Europe. Grants will be transferred after the conference, after submission of completed reimbursement forms (to be handed out at conference) and receipts of costs.


Excellent train connections between Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and Utrecht Central station (35 minutes, every 15-30 minutes). Excellent international train connections within Europe.

Organizing committee, consisting of ECRs

Dr. Aimee Slangen (NIOZ), Dr. Kay Koster (TNO), Dr. Robert Barnett (University of Exeter; PALSEA; PAGES), Dr. Xavier Benito (University of Nebraska-Lincoln; PAGES), Dr. Bas de Boer (IMAU; Utrecht University) and Eduardo Alarcón (Central University of Venezuela; INQUA).

Advisory committee

Prof. Dr. M. van Kolfschoten (Leiden University; INQUA), Prof. Dr. A. Ashworth (North Dakota State University; INQUA), Dr. M.-F. Loutre (PAGES), Dr. F.S. Busschers (TNO; INQUA), Dr. K.M. Cohen (Utrecht University; INQUA-NL), Dr. W.Z. Hoek (Utrecht University; INQUA-NL), Dr. P. Stocchi (NIOZ), Dr. W. van der Wal (Delft University of Technology), Dr. M.P. Hijma (Deltares) and Dr. R.S.W. van de Wal (IMAU; Utrecht University).

Further information

Send queries to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - this is not for abstract submissions.

Check the official website for updates (upate Feb 2019: the website is now defunct).

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Post-meeting material

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