LandCover6k News


Keep an eye out here in the future for the planned LandCover6k Newsletter. Following the start of Phase 2,  the working group plans to release information every four to five months (May, September, January, for example).


Year in review

Read the important update, including achievements of the past year and plans ahead. Access the pdf (405KB) here.

Blog post

Crystal McMichael wrote the blog article "Exploring the Llanos de Moxos, Bolivia" which discusses her time at the LandUse6k meeting at the International Meeting of Amazonian Archaeology in Trinidad, Bolivia, in early October 2017. LandUse6k, based at the University of Chicago, is a direct contributor to LandCover6k.


Group leader Marie-José Gaillard and PAGES Executive Director Marie-France Loutre will be speaking at the QRA Annual Discussion Meeting at the University of Plymouth, UK, from 3-5 January 2018. All details here.