Guidelines for PAGES guest scientist application

If you are working within the sphere of PAGES Science, and would like to apply to come to PAGES as a guest scientist, please follow the instructions below. Please note, PAGES cannot pay a salary to guests during their stay at the IPO.

Please send the following to the Executive Director:

1. Short resume (2 pages)

2. Work proposal (1 page). This should describe what you intend to do while at the PAGES IPO, and how you and PAGES will benefit from your visit. Tasks might include things such as organizing a workshop or conference session, working on a contribution to our magazine, writing or editing a peer reviewed publication or book, helping with outreach tasks, etc.

3. Time frame. Please indicate as specifically as possible when you would like to come and for how long.

4. Financial support. While we can provide you with an office and a computer for the duration of your stay, budget constraints prevent us from paying a salary. However, we can usually provide some money towards, for example, travel costs or accommodation. Please include an estimate of what kinds of financial and infrastructure support you think you would need from PAGES to make your visit a success.

Please do not submit a proposal if your area of research does not match that of PAGES.