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The call for financial support happens twice per year. The next deadline for applications for financial support for workshops and meetings is Monday 12 April 2021.

This proposal form is only for workshops/meetings being organized by officially approved PAGES working groups.

To be considered for PAGES' support, applications should meet the following criteria:

- Relevance to PAGES' Science Structure and PAGES' themes
- International participation. Please keep in mind travel restrictions when choosing a meeting location and consider alternative ways of participation for those unable to travel, i.e. recording major presentations, having online presentations via Skype, etc.
- Open i.e. offering an opportunity for interested colleagues to register or submit an application
- Multi-disciplinary involvement
- Data Stewardship
- Forward thinking
- Aiming to integrate, coordinate, and/or synthesize
- Encouraging the participation of early-career scientists (until ca. 5 years after PhD) and those from developing countries (including BRICS countries).

All applications should be submitted at least six months before the planned event date, to allow for wide promotion to the paleo community. Exceptions will be considered by the Executive Committee.

The working group's designated SSC liaison person must be contacted at least two weeks before this proposal is submitted to advise them of the group's plans.

PAGES is encouraging a data availability policy and safe archiving of data. Please be sure this is done within the framework of your workshop. See here for more details.

PAGES support of working group workshops/meetings is usually in the order of US$10,000 for the first workshop, and approximately US$5,000-10,000 for follow-up workshops. In rare cases, where a very good case is made, funding may be extended to a maximum of US$15,000.

Please note: This form will time-out after 2 hours. To avoid loss of data, prepare your proposal offline using this template (MS Word) and then copy-paste text blocks into the form.​


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