9 Postdoc positions, tipping points - various European locations

Nine PhD/Postdoc positions are available within the EU-funded H2020 project "Tipping Points of the Earth System" (TiPES).


Most positions start 1 September 2019 and the positions range from 30 months to four years.

The available positions are in several European countries and in total 18 institutions are involved.

About the TiPES Project

Several subsystems of the Earth may respond abruptly at critical future levels of anthropogenic forcing, which have been associated with tipping points (TPs).

It is paramount to identify safe operating spaces in terms of these critical forcing levels, in order to prevent harmful transitions to alternative, undesirable states of the Earth and its subsystems. The mechanisms leading to abrupt climate transitions are only partly understood, and reliable warning signals for forthcoming transitions are urgently needed.

TiPES addresses these questions in a joint effort of 18 European institutions, combining paleoclimatology, time series analysis, Earth system modeling of past and future climates, applied mathematics and dynamical system theory, as well as decision theory.


Various deadline dates apply.

To find out more about all positions and to apply, go to: https://tipes.sites.ku.dk/jobs/

Further information

More job offers will be opening in the next months.

The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 820970.