D-O-uble delight for Fischer

fischer oeschger webPAGES congratulates former co-chair Hubertus Fischer on being awarded the 2018 Hans Oeschger Medal, which will be presented at the EGU 2018 General Assembly in Austria in April.

Fischer, who finished his tenure with PAGES at the end of 2016, topped the nominees for outstanding achievements in ice research and/or short term climatic changes (past, present, future). He is pictured celebrating with University of Bern colleagues and students on 10 October.

It tops off an excellent year so far for Fischer, who will also be presented with the Willi Dansgaard Award at the AGU Fall Meeting in New Orleans, USA, in December. We believe it is the first time someone has won both awards within one year and have appropriately named it the D-O-uble (as Dansgaard-Oeschger events are often abbreviated as D–O events).

In his usual modest style, Fischer said he was very humbled and proud to receive this second honor so soon.

"These are the characteristics of a Dansgaard-Oeschger event: it comes very rapidly, very unexpectedly and won't happen again for another 1500 years," he joked. "But we got the award. It's a team effort. Without everybody in my group coming up with new ideas for new analytical approaches, without the workshop building something that really works, without the secretariat and without the excellent collaborations within Bern and with so many international colleagues, this wouldn't be possible."

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