PALSEA Med Sea GIA paper

palsea feb qsr giaMembers of PAGES PALSEA2 working group recently published "MIS 5e relative sea-level changes in the Mediterranean Sea: Contribution of isostatic disequilibrium" in Quaternary Science Reviews.

Paolo Stocchi et al. compare field data with numerical modeling to show that (i) glacio- and hydro-isostatic (GIA) adjustment is an important contributor to the spatial and temporal variability of the sea-level highstand during MIS 5e, (ii) the isostatic imbalance from the melting of the MIS 6 ice sheet can produce a >2.0 m sea-level highstand, and (iii) a two-step melting phase for the Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets reduces the differences between observations and predictions.

Access the paper here. Read more about PALSEA2 here.