Technical paper on paleo data

2k spec iss tech note 18The 2k data technical note, which sparked an intense discussion within the paleo community, has been published today as a contribution to the PAGES 2k Network special issue of Climate of the Past.

Lead author Darrell Kaufman and the PAGES 2k special-issue editorial team explain the procedure used to attain a high and consistent level of data stewardship across the special issue. The paper has been chosen as a highlight by journal editor Denis-Didier Rousseau.

Kaufman et al. discuss the challenges related to (1) determining which data are essential for public archival, (2) using data generated by others, and (3) understanding data citations. The team anticipates that open-data sharing in paleosciences will accelerate as the advantages become more evident and as practices that reduce data loss become the accepted convention.

Read the technical note here.

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