Past Land Use and Land Cover

PAGESmagazine 2018(1) CoverPast Global Changes Magazine vol. 26 (1)

The latest issue of Past Global Changes Magazine, titled "Past Land Use and Land Cover", is now available to read and download.

Guest edited by Marie-José Gaillard, Nicki Whitehouse, Marco Madella and Kathleen Morrison, this issue emphasizes the need for appropriate reconstructions of past land-use and land-cover change to study the effect of past anthropogenic land-cover change on climate (the land-use forcing) using Earth System Models. It also highlights how land-use and land-cover change over past millennia can be reconstructed at local to regional and continental scales using the results of archaeological studies combined with model-based quantification of past plant cover from fossil pollen data.

This publication is a product of PAGES' LandCover6k working group.

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