Winter flooding in 1936

fwg img jun 18A new paper from the PAGES Floods Working Group, titled "On the extraordinary winter flood episode over the North Atlantic Basin in 1936", was recently published in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences.

Led by working group leader Juan Antonio Ballesteros Canovas, authors analyze the linkage between atmosphere and ocean modes and winter flood variability over the 20th century based on long-term flow-discharge series, historical archives, and tree-ring records of past floods in the North Atlantic Basin. The most extreme winter floods occurred in 1936 and had strong impacts on either side of the Atlantic.

They hypothesize that the joint effects of sea surface temperatures over the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and the Arctic Oscillation, which is closely related to the North Atlantic Oscillation, play a significant role when describing flood variability in North America and Europe since 1900.

Read the paper here. it is a result of the June 2016 meeting in France.

Learn more about the Floods Working Group, which plans to be active for at least another three years, here.