inqua 19PAGES SSC members and working groups are well represented at the upcoming 20th INQUA Congress in Dublin, Ireland, in July 2019.

Abstracts due 9 January. Full descriptions and how to submit here.

We welcome your submissions to the following sessions:

2k Network: a. Building a better understanding of past climates, ecosystems, and societies through Open Big Data
b. CLIVASH2k: Holocene climate variability in Antarctica and the Southern Hemisphere
c. PALEOLINK: Bridging the gap between proxies/reconstructions and simulations in the late Holocene period
Aquatic Transitions: Lake systems in the Anthropocene
C-PEAT: Peatland dynamics through time and their use as environmental archives
EcoRe3: Resilience, stability and abrupt change in long-term ecological records
Floods Working Group: Palaeohydrology and Fluvial Archives - hydrological extreme and critical events (HEX)
GPWG2: A new age of Paleofire research: Insights from the past and challenges for the future
LandCover6k: Upscaling palaeoecological, archaeological and historical records of land-use and landcover change to the globe
PALSEA: a. Into the Ice Age: Exploring the distribution and volume of ice sheets during past glaciations
b. Mapping and interpreting sea-level change through time and space
PEOPLE 3000: Human-environment interactions in the late Quaternary: sources of evidence and applications
QUIGS: The Last Interglacial and interglacial comparisons: local records and global signals
VICS: Climatic and human impacts of volcanism during the Quaternary

Sessions with PAGES SSC members:
Plio-Pleistocene environmental change and human origins
Geoscience for sustainable futures
Combining palaeoecology with ecological models