Silk Road book online

silk rd book 19An edited book volume which resulted from a PAGES-supported workshop, focusing on possible links between social upheaval, resource utilization, and climate or environmental forces along the ancient Silk Road in China, is now accessible online.

"Socio-Environmental Dynamics along the Historical Silk Road" from publishing house Springer can also be purchased as a printed version.

The 535-page book, edited by Liang Emlyn Yang, Hans-Rudolf Bork, Xiuqi Fang, and Steffen Mischke, discusses socio-environmental interactions in the middle to late Holocene, covering specific areas along the ancient Silk Road regions.

Versions of most of the chapters were initially prepared for the international PAGES-supported workshop "The Rise and Fall: Environmental Factors in the Socio-Cultural Changes of the Ancient Silk Road Area" held in September 2017.

The 22 chapters provide insight from various disciplinary angles and perspectives, ranging from archaeology, paleoclimatology, antiquity, historical geography, agriculture, carving art and literacy.

Studies in the volume indicate both that climate conditions significantly influence human socio-cultural systems and that the socio-culture systems are certainly resilient to climate impacts. The cross-cutting theme has been to reach beyond simple explanations of environmental or human determinism, but social resilience under environmental impacts.

Both the workshop and the volume were jointly sponsored by PAGES and the Human Development in Landscapes Graduate School at Kiel University, Germany.

Access the online book here.