New workshop reports in Eos

eos 19Two PAGES working groups recently published workshop reports in Eos.

Molly Patterson, Rachael Rhodes and Claire Allen reported on the Cycles of Sea Ice Dynamics in the Earth System (C-SIDE) working group meeting "Developing Data and Modeling Capacity to Understand Past Changes in Sea Ice in the Southern Ocean" held in Vancouver, Canada, in October 2018.

Access the C-SIDE workshop report "Understanding past changes in Southern Ocean sea ice" here.

Carole Adolf, Donna Hawthorne and Daniele Colombaroli reported on the Global Paleofire Working Group 2 (GPWG2) meeting "Diverse knowledge systems for fire policy and biodiversity conservation" held in Egham, UK, in September 2018.

Access the GPWG2 workshop report "Ancient fires and indigenous knowledge inform fire policies" here.

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