PAGES-CLIVAR member call

PClogoThe PAGES-CLIVAR Intersection Panel is looking for nominations from scientists across the CLIVAR and PAGES communities who are interested in fostering cross-cutting initiatives that involve the use of paleo-climate data in extending and contextualising modern observations, using CLIVAR-related insights and understanding to inform the interpretation of past climate data, and/or helping link modelling of past, present and future.


Members will serve a maximum of 4 years, and will be expected to attend or participate in one meeting a year. Activities in the near future involve organising workshops on areas where PAGES and CLIVAR communities can usefully intersect, updating the Vision document, and making stronger efforts to serve as a nexus for cross-cutting activities.

Those interested should contact Thorsten Kiefer (PAGES) or Catherine Beswick (CLIVAR) with a brief description of interests and background.