PAGES Grants Support of Workshops

PAGES accepts proposals for focused scientific meetings that contribute directly to the goals defined in the PAGES Science Plan. Limited support (a few thousand USD) can be requested for three categories of meetings: workshops of PAGES Working Groups, educational meetings and other workshops for which proposals are submitted to the biannual Open Call. Deadlines in 2010 are 15 May and 22 November. For more information see here.

Workshops of PAGES Working Groups

– Africa 2k Workshop (Focus 2), 11-14 May 2010, Ghent, Belgium
– Nitrogen Cycle (Focus 3), 14-16 May 2010, Montreal, Canada
– Australasia 2k Workshop (Focus 2), 31 May-3 June, Melbourne, Australia
– Regional Integration of Human-Environment Interactions: Climate Change Hotspots (Focus 4), 13-15 Sep 2010, Southampton, UK
– 2nd Global Monsoon Symposium (Focus 3), 13-15 Sep 2010, Shanghai, China
– 3rd PALSEA Workshop: Relative Sea Level and Isostacy (Focus 1), 20-24 Sep 2010, Bristol, UK
– International LOTRED-SA Symposium: Reconstructing Past Regional Climate Variations in South America (Focus 2), 26-29 Oct 2010, Valdivia, Chile
– SynTraCE-21 Workshop (Focus 3), dates and location tbd
– North America 2k Workshop (Focus 2), dates and location tbd

“Open Call” workshops
– INQUA: International Field Conference and Workshop on Tephrochronology, Volcanism and Human Activity, 10-17 May 2010, Kyushu Island, Japan
– Continental Drilling in the East African Rift: A Strategic Planning Workshop, 7-11 Sep 2010, Rhode Island, USA
– International Floodplain Lakes Workshop, 16-19 Sep 2010, Arkansas, USA

If you are interested in participating in any of these workshops please check the PAGES calendar or contact the workshop leader.