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Mr. Pablo Paiewonsky

Postgraduate Researcher
Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences
State University of NewYork at Albany
1400 Washington Avenue
12222 Albany


  ECN Member

Expertise & Interests

Overview / specialty        My current area of expertise is in paleoclimate, climate-vegetation feedbacks (especially at high latitudes), vegetation and land surface modeling (including model development).
PAGES interests        ECN, Forest Dynamics, Global Paleofire, Pliocene climate variability - PlioVAR, PAGES-PMIP group on Quaternary Interglacials - QUIGS, Future Earth, Former WG - Arctic2k, Former WG - Past Interglacials - PIGS
Topics        Carbon cycle, Climate dynamics, Climate variability, Ecosystem processes, Fire, Forests, Modeling, Thresholds and abrupt changes, Warmer Worlds
Timescales        Future projection, Holocene, Last glacial cycle, Neogene, Paleogene, Pleistocene, Pre-Cenozoic
Regions        Africa, Arctic, Asia, Australasia, Europe, Global, Mediterranean, Mid-latitude Northern Hemisphere, Mid-latitude Southern Hemisphere, Neotropics, North America, South America, Subtropics, Tropics
Archives        Model results, Pollen
Sector        Academia / Education, Outreach/Communication, Research, Science management
Discipline        Hydrology, Meteorology, Modeling, (Paleo)climatology, (Paleo)ecology
Computers        LaTex, Modeling, NCL, Python, Unix
Laboratory        Bark beetles, Macrofossils, Pollen



Paiewonsky, P., and Elison Timm, O., 2018: Description and validation of the Simple, Efficient, Dynamic, Global, Ecological Simulator (SEDGES v.1.0). Geoscientific Model Development, accepted, doi:10.5194/gmd-11-1-2018.

Paiewonsky, P.: State dependency of the forest-tundra-short wave feedback: comparing the mid-Pliocene and pre-industrial eras using a newly-developed vegetation model, PhD thesis, State University of New York at Albany, 2017.

Lunkeit, F., Borth, H., Bottinger, M., Fraedrich, K., Jansen, H., Kirk, E., Kleidon, A., Luksch, U., Paiewonsky, P., Schubert, S., Sielmann, S., and Wan, H.: Planet Simulator-reference manual, version 16, Tech. rep., Meteorologisches Institut, Universität Hamburg, 2011.