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Prof. Carlo Barbante

Carlo Barbante

Institute of Polar Sciences
National Research Council of Italy
via Torino, 155
30172 Venice-Mestre

  0039 041 2348942

Expertise & Interests

Official functions (outside of PAGES)        Director
PAGES interests        2k Network, Global Paleofire
Topics        Biogeochemical processes, Fire, Proxy development
Timescales        Anthropocene (last 100 years), Holocene, Last glacial cycle
Regions        Antarctic region, Europe
Archives        Ice cores/glaciers, Lake sediments, Peat
Sector        Academia / Education
Discipline        Glaciology, (Paleo)climatology



A list of the top publications, as senior author

Barbante C., van de Velde K., Cozzi G., Capodaglio G., Cescon P., Planchon F., Hong S., Ferrari C., Boutron C.. Post-World War II uranium changes in dated mont Blanc ice and snow. Environ. Sci. Technol. 35 (2001) 4026-4030.
Barbante C., Veysseyre A., Ferrari C., van de Velde K., Morel C., Capodaglio G., Cescon P., Scarponi G., Boutron C. Greenland snow evidence of large scale atmospheric contamination for platinum, palladium and rhodium. Environ. Sci. Technol., 35 (2001) 835-839.
Barbante C., Schwikowski, M., Döring T., Gäggeler H. W., C., Schotterer U., Tobler L., Van de Velde K., Ferrari C., Cozzi G., Turetta A., Rosman K., Bolshov, M., Capodaglio G., Boutron, C., Cescon P. Historical Record of European Emissions of Heavy Metals to the Atmosphere Since the 1650s From Alpine Snow/Ice Cores drilled near Monte Rosa. Environ. Sci Tech., 38 (2004) 4085 – 4090.
EPICA community members Eight glacial cycles from an Antarctic ice core Nature. 429 (2004) 623 – 628.
Gabrielli P., Barbante C*., Plane J.M.C., Varga A., Hong S., Cozzi G., Gaspari V., Planchon F., Cairns W., Ferrari C., Crutzen P., Cescon P., Botron C.. Meteoric smoke fallout over the Holocene revealed by iridium and platinum in Greenland ice. Nature, 432 (2004) 1011–1014.
Gabrielli P., Planchon F.A.M., Hong S., Lee K.H., Hur S.D., Barbante C., Ferrari C.P., Petit J.R., Lipenkov V.Y., Cescon P. and others, 2005. Trace elements in Vostok Antarctic ice during the last four climatic cycles. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 234 (2005) 249-259.
Wolff, E. W., Fischer, H., Fundel, F., Ruth, U., Twarloh, B., Littot, G. C., Mulvaney, R., Rothlisberger, R., de Angelis, M., Boutron, C. F., Hansson, M., Jonsell, U., Hutterli, M. A., Bigler, M., Lambert, F., Kaufmann, P., Stauffer, B., Stocker, T. F., Steffensen, J. P., Siggaard- Andersen, M. L., Udisti, R., Becagli, S., Castellano, E., Severi, M., Wagenbach, D., Barbante, C., Gabrielli, P. and Gaspari, V.: Southern Ocean sea-ice extent, productivity and iron flux over the past eight glacial cycles, Nature, 440 (2006) 491-496.
Barbante C., Barnola J.-M., Becagli S., Beer J., Bigler M., et al. (EPICA Comm. Members). One-to-one coupling of glacial climate variability in Greenland and Antarctica. Nature, 444 (2006) 195-197.
Jitaru P., Gabrielli P., Marteel A., Plane J.M.C., Planchon F., Gauchard P.-A., Ferrari C., Boutron C., Adams F., Hong S., Cescon P., Barbante C. Atmospheric depletion of mercury over Antarctica during glacial periods. Nature Geoscience, 3 (2009) 505-508.
Parrenin F., Masson Delmotte V., Koeler P., Raynaud D., Paillard D., Schwander J., Barbante C., Landais A.,. Wegner A. and Jouzel J. Synchronous change of atmospheric CO2 and Antarctic temperature during the last deglacial warming. Science 339 (2013) 1060-1063.
Christner, B.C., Priscu J.C., Achberger A.M., Barbante C., Carter S.P., ... A microbial ecosystem beneath the West Antarctic ice sheet. Nature 512 (2014), 310-313.