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Dr. Maija Heikkilä

Academy Research Fellow
Environmental Change Research Unit (ECRU), Ecosystems and Environments Research Programme
University of Helsinki
P.O. Box 65 (Viikinkaari 1)
FI-00014 Helsinki

  +358 29 4157838

Expertise & Interests

Official PAGES function(s)        ACME Steering Group member
PAGES interests        ACME, Aquatic Transitions, Future Earth, PAGES-endorsed projects
Topics        Carbon cycle, Climate variability, Ecosystem processes, Forests, Human impacts & interactions, Ice dynamics, Proxy development, Thresholds and abrupt changes, Warmer Worlds
Timescales        Anthropocene (last 100 years), Future projection, Holocene, Last millennia, Observational period
Regions        Arctic, Europe, North America
Archives        Lake sediments, Ocean sediments
Sector        Academia / Education
Discipline        (Micro)paleontology, (Paleo)climatology, (Paleo)ecology, (Paleo)limnology, (Paleo)oceanography, Palynology