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Dr. Benjamin P. Horton

Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences
Rutgers University
71 Dudley Road
80910-8525 New Brunswick

  +1 (848) 932-3430

Expertise & Interests

Overview / specialty        My main research interests include the development and application of environmental modelling and quantitative palaeoenvironmental reconstruction techniques with the aim of understanding estuarine and coastal ocean processes.
PAGES interests        PALSEA2



Horton, B. P. and Edwards, R. J., 2005. The application of local and regional transfer functions to reconstruct former sea levels, North Norfolk, England. The Holocene. 15, 2, 216-228.

Horton, B. P., Thomson, K., Woodroffe, S. E., Whittaker, J. E., Wright, M. W., 2005. Contemporary foraminiferal distributions, Wakatobi National Park, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia, Journal of Foraminiferal Research, 35, 1-14.

Sawai, Y., Satake, K., Kamataki, T., Nasu, H., Shishikura, M., Atwater, B. F., Horton, B. P., Kelsey, H., Nagumo, T., Yamaguchi, M., 2004. Transient uplift after a 17th-century earthquake along the Kuril trench. Science, 206, 1918-1920.

Horton, B. P., Larcombe, P., Woodroffe, S. E., Whittaker, J. E., Wright, M. W. and Wynn, C., 2003. Contemporary foraminiferal distributions of the Great Barrier Reef coastline, Australia: implications for sea-level reconstructions. Marine Geology, 3320, 1-19.

Shennan, I. and Horton, B. P., 2002. Relative sea-level changes and crustal movements of the UK, Journal of Quaternary Science, 16 (5-6), 511-526.