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Dr. Daniele Colombaroli

Centre for Quaternary Research, Department of Geography
Royal Holloway University of London
TW200EX Egham


Expertise & Interests

Official PAGES function(s)        Global Paleofire Working Group Steering Committee
PAGES interests        Africa2k, Global Paleofire, Future Earth
Topics        Ecosystem processes, Extreme events, Fire, Forests, Human impacts & interactions, Interannual-decadal varaibility, Warmer Worlds
Timescales        Anthropocene (last 100 years), Holocene, Last millennia, Pleistocene
Regions        Africa, Europe, Global, North America, Tropics/subtropics
Archives        Lake sediments, Peat, Tree rings
Sector        Academia / Education, Research
Discipline        (Paleo)ecology, (Paleo)limnology, Palynology



Selected publications:

Colombaroli, D., van der Plas, G., Rucina, S., Verschuren, D: (2016) Determinants of savanna-fire dynamics in the eastern Lake Victoria catchment (western Kenya) during the last 1200 years. Quaternary International (in press).

Morales-Molino, C., Tinner, W., García-Antón, M., and Colombaroli, D. The historical demise of Pinus nigra forests in the Northern Iberian Plateau (south-western Europe). Journal of Ecology (2017).

Conedera, M., Colombaroli, D., Tinner, W., Krebs, P., Whitlock, C. Insights about past forest dynamics as a tool for present and future forest management in Switzerland. Forest Ecology and Management (2017).

Katarzyna Marcisz, K., Colombaroli, D., Jassey, V.E.J., Tinner, W., Ko?aczek, P., Ga?ka, M., Karpi?ska-Ko?aczek, M., S?owi?ski, M., Lamentowicz, M. (2016.) A novel testate amoebae trait-based approach to infer environmental disturbance in Sphagnum peatlands. Scientific Reports. 6, 33907. doi: 10.1038/srep33907.

Colombaroli, D., Cherubini, P., De Ridder, M., Saurer, M., Toirambe, B., Zweifel, N. and Beeckman, H., (2016). Stable carbon and oxygen isotopes in tree rings show physiological responses of Pericopsis elata to precipitation in the Congo Basin. Journal of Tropical Ecology, 32: 213-225.

Morales-Molino, C; Vescovi, E; Krebs, P; Carlevaro, E; Kaltenrieder, P; Conedera, M; Tinner, W; Colombaroli, D (2015) The role of human-induced fire and sweet chestnut (Castanea sativa Mill.) cultivation on the long-term landscape dynamics of the southern Swiss Alps. The Holocene 25(3):482-494.

Colombaroli, D; Ssemmanda, I; Gelorini, V; Verschuren, D (2014) Contrasting long-term records of biomass burning in wet and dry savannas of equatorial East Africa. Global Change Biology 20(9):2903-2914.

Colombaroli, D; Beckmann, M; van der Knaap, WO; Curdy, P; Tinner, W (2013) Changes in biodiversity and vegetation composition in the central Swiss Alps during the transition from pristine forest to first farming. Diversity and distributions 19(2):157-170.

Colombaroli, D and Tinner W (2013). Determining the long-term changes in biodiversity and provisioning services along a transect from Central Europe to the Mediterranean. The Holocene 23(11):1477-1486.

van Raden, U; Colombaroli D; Gilli, A; Schwander, J; Bernasconi, S; van Leeuwen, J; Leuenberger, M; Eicher, U (2013) High-resolution late-glacial chronology for the Gerzensee lake record (Switzerland): ?18O correlation between a Gerzensee-stack and NGRIP. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 391:13-24.

Colombaroli, D and Gavin, DG (2010) Highly episodic fire and erosion regime over the past 2,000 y in the Siskiyou Mountains, Oregon. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of USA 107 (4): 18909-18914.

Colombaroli, D; Henne, PD; Kaltenrieder, P; Gobet, E; Tinner, W (2010) Species responses to fire, climate and human impact at tree line in the Alps as evidenced by palaeo-environmental records and a dynamic simulation model. Journal of Ecology 98(6):1346-1357