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Dr. Frank McDermott

School of Geological Sciences
University College Dublin
Dublin 4

  +353 1 716 2328

Expertise & Interests

Overview / specialty        Land-use and land-cover change



McDermott, F. (2004) Palaeo-climate reconstruction from stable isotope variations in speleothems: a review. Quaternary Science Reviews 23, 901-918.

Baldini, J.U.L., McDermott, F., Baker, A., Baldini, L.M., Mattey D.P. and Railsback, L.B. (2005) Biomass effects on stalagmite growth and isotope ratios: A 20th century analogue from Wiltshire, England. Earth Planet. Sci. Letts. 240, 486-494.

McDermott, F., Schwarcz, H.P. and Rowe, P.J. (2006) Isotopes in Speleothems. Chapter 5, Isotopes in Palaeoenvironmental Research., Vol. 10. Leng M. (editor), Springer, Dordrecht, The Netherlands., pp. 185-226. ISBN: 1-4020-2503-3.

Baldini, J.U.L., Baldini, L.M., McDermott, F. and Clipson, N. (2006) Carbon dioxide sources, sinks and spatial variability in shallow temperate zone caves: evidence from Ballynamintra cave, Ireland. Journal of Cave and Karst Studies 68, 4-11.

Baldini, J.U.L., McDermott, F. and Fairchild, I.J. (2006) Spatial variability in cave drip water hydrochemistry: Implications for stalagmite palaeoclimate records. Chemical Geology, in press. DOI:10.1016/j.chemgeo.2006.08.005