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Dr. Nicki J. Whitehouse

Dept of Archaeology, School of Humanities
University of Glasgow
Gregory Building, Lilybank Gardens
G12 8QQ Glasgow


Expertise & Interests

Overview / specialty        Ecosystem change (wetlands, woodlands) and processes using Coleoptera. Climate change using Coleoptera/chironomids in amphi-North Atlantic region. New Zealand climate change using Coleoptera.
Official PAGES function(s)        LandCover6k coordinating group; coordinator Land use from historical and archeological information group and Europe (Land Use)
PAGES interests        LandCover6k



Murphy, E.M. and Whitehouse, N.J. (eds.) in press, 2007. Environmental Archaeology in Ireland. Oxford: Oxbow Books. Due for publication: autumn 2007.

Plunkett, G.; Carroll, F.; Hartwell, B.; Whitehouse, N. J. and Reimer, P.J. in press. Vegetation history at the multi-period prehistoric complex at Ballynahatty, Co. Down, Northern Ireland. Journal of Archaeological Science.

Turney, C.S.M. , K. van den Burg, S. Wastegård, S.M. Davies, Whitehouse N.J., J.R. Pilcher and C. Callaghan 2006. North European last glacial-interglacial transitions (LGIT; 15-9 ka) tephrochronology: extended limits and new events. Journal of Quaternary Science 21(4), 335-345.

Whitehouse, N.J. 2006. The Holocene British and Irish ancient woodland fossil beetle fauna: implications for woodland history, biodiversity and faunal colonisation. Quaternary Science Reviews 25 (15-16), 1755-1789.